Madrid 2017 Critical Care Datathon - Advancing Knowledge from Big Data in Healthcare


Advancing Knowledge from Big Data in Healthcare

December the 1st, 2nd & 3rd // SPAIN, MADRID


Learn more about the first Critical Care Datathon celebrated in Madrid


Want to know more about data analysis but too scared to open up a spreadsheet or writing some code?


Know everything about data but nothing about intensive care medicine?


Need a formal project for the college of intensive care?

MIT - HCSC - UPM are bringing inter-professional critical care trainees and clinicians (from data novices to gurus), statisticians, data scientists and administrators together in the same room to tackle clinical problems with large datasets. 

The event will be split into Conference (December the 1st) and Datathon (Dec the 1st, 2nd and 3rd).

This datathon will generate patient-centred or service-centred projects and research which can be published in scientific journals and ultimately make a real difference to patients.

The profiles that can attend the datathon are:

  ● Critical Care trainee.

  ● Critical Care clinician.

  ● Statistician.

  ● Data Scientist.

  ● Computer Scientist.

  ● Administrator.

If you wish to participate, you are required to bring your on device BYOD, a regular laptop with Wi-Fi connection will be enough.

There will be ‘roving mentors’ with a wide range of expertise to assist and provide advice on: exploring the problem you are addressing, developing a project, data visualisation and much more.

Previous Datathons held in Boston, London and Paris have been hugely popular, and have tackled topics such as:

 ● The relationship between lactic acidosis and mortality.

 ● The association between supra normal oxygen levels in the blood and survival after subarachnoid haemorrhage.

 ● Visualization of outcomes among obese patients in the ICU

Previous Datathons allowed the attending researchers to make the following publications

A variety of datasets will be available.

These include MIMIC and eICU databases (from MIT at Harvard and other US based hospitals running the Philips eICU system). This event is being organised in collaboration with Philips Healthcare and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston.

Start thinking of potential research questions now and submit them here – we can also help you come up with questions too! Save the date and look out for the upcoming program and registration details.


Learn more about the database that will be available during the event.


Medical Information Mart for Intensive Care III

MIMIC is a large, freely-available database comprising deidentified health-related data associated with over forty thousand patients who stayed in critical care units of the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center between 2001 and 2012. The database includes information such as demographics, vital sign measurements made at the bedside (~1 data point per hour), laboratory test results, procedures, medications, caregiver notes, imaging reports, and mortality (both in and out of hospital). MIMIC supports a diverse range of analytic studies spanning epidemiology, clinical decision-rule improvement, and electronic tool development.

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Meet the team that will be supporting the hackers while tackling clinical questions and performing data analysis.


These three outstanding organizations are working together to bring you the Madrid 2017 Critical Care Datathon.

The Innovation Unit together UCI of the Hospital Clínico San Carlos (HCSC), one of the biggest public hospitals of the Madrid region and the Life Supporting Technologies (LifeSTech), one of the most important research group of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM), have recently signed an agreement through which both institutions commit to jointly develop projects, solutions and initiatives aiming at transferring and deploying technological innovations in the clinical practice.

Currently, both institutions are working together in several projects to exploit information available in the administrative and health information system. The amount of data coming through the EHR is unprecedented and offers LifeSTech and HCSC not only opportunities but also challenges.

The outstanding experience of the Harvard-MIT Health Science Technology group in the creation of the MIMIC technology and in the organization of Datathons around the world (Brazil, Singapore, Australia, UK, Taiwan, China and many more to come!) has driven us to create a strategic alliance in order to replicate this in Spain and in Europe.

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